GDPR Compliance


Kernow Spice Shop and this website are GDPR compliant.

Customers using this website will have the following information collected:

IP Address which may or may not confirm their geolocation and depends on their ISP service.

Cookies are stored containing the following information and are a part of the program structure of the website. By placing an order or attempting to place an order using this website you are granting the storage of cookies on your computer or device which are stored temporarily to enable to the website to complete the order. If you do not agree to cookies being stored on your device on our website then you will not be able to successfully place an order with us and you should close your browser.

Cookies are used in the following manner;

PHPSESSID - The customer session cookie which tracks what products you wish to purchase until the browser or browser tab is closed or the PHPSESSID expires which occurs after 20minutes if there is no further interaction by the customer.

Personal Details. As a mail-order company then the following details are stored for registered members;

Shipping Address and Billing Address if either differs
Telephone Number
Email Address
Products ordered
Previous orders
Newsletter enabled or disabled as selected at the point of registration and can be manually changed by the customer.
Shipping Method Chosen
Payment Method Chosen*

*Payment Methods. Kernow Spice Shop is an E-commerce website and not a payment processor. We use 3rd party companies PAYPAL and STRIPE for all card payments. Both of these companies have their own GDPR policy in place and are compliant.

Kernow Spice Shop employs strict control over who has access to the personal details of all customers and restricts access to a single person: Mark Foster.

If you wish to discuss the GDPR policy you can contact Mark Foster who is the designated Data Protection Officer for Kernow Spice Shop by sending an email to

Kernow Spice Shop does not place any time length on how long customer data is stored. If you believe you have data stored with Kernow Spice Shop you can place a GDPR request here to find out what information about yourself we have stored. If we do have information stored and you wish it removed please email the request to and the removal will be completed within 14 working days.

You can also request to be removed by visiting the forget me page here